M. Venkateswarlu





M.Com, CMA (Australia), Ph.D

Area & Groups
Finance, Economics & Strategy

M.Com, C.M.A (Australia), Ph.D.

Financial Economis

Corporate Finanance - Cost of Capital and Capital Structure

Financial Forecasting

Productivity Management and Becnchmarking

Core Subjects:

Financial Reporting and Analysisi

Cost and Management Accounting

Corporate Finance


Financial Risk Analytics and Management

Supply Chain Finance

Corporate Valuation 





Dynamics of Financial Stress and Economic Performance: Analysis and Insights from the World Economy, Ramesh Babu Thimmaraya and M. Venkateshwarlu, Emerald (September 2018), ISBN: 978-1- 78754-4 (print), 978-78754-782-7 (online), 978-78754-784-1 (Epub).

(Refereed journal papers)


Mukesh Kumar; Rakesh D. Raut; Angappa Gunasekaran; M. Venkateshwarlu 'Developing Supply Chain Capabilities Through Digitalization and Viability for Controlling the Ripple Effect', IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, January 2023, (ABDC - A),  DOI: 10.1109/TEM.2022.3233860

Apoorva Hegde, Venkateshwarlu Masuna, Ajay K Panda,  'What we know and what we should know about the Speed of Capital Structure Adjustment: A Retrospective using Bibliometric and System Thinking Approach' Journal of Qualitative Research in Financial Markets (Accepted in July 2022), Emerald, ABDC (B). 

'Apoorva Hegde, Ajay K Panda, Venkateshwarlu Masuna,  'Does companies’ financial flexibility drive their leverage dynamics? New Evidence' Journal of Managerial Finance, (Accepted August 2022) Emerald, ABDC (B).

Venkateshwarlu. M and Santosh Gajula (2018). “Cost of Equity for Banks and its Attributes for banks in India”, Bankparikrama, XLIII, (1&2), September – December, 2018

Ramesh Babu T and M.  Venkateshwarlu, (2017). “Impact of Financial Stress on GDP Growth an Empirical Study on India”, Indian Journal of Economics and Business, Vol-(16)(1) 51-66.

Ramesh Babu T and M. Venkateshwarlu (2017). “Dynamics of Financial Stress and Economic Performance of India”, International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research,15(4).


Best Teacher in Financial Management by 17th Dewang Metha Bschool Affair Awards in 2009.

Award for innovation in pedagogy, program design and effectiveness by S&P Global, USA in 2008, for conducting specialized two-year program popularly known as “CRISIL Certified Analyst Program” under the category of Innovation by McGraw Hill USA in 2008.



A. Conducted several training programs of short duration on the themes of;

Cost Estimation and Planning

Financial Risk Analytics

Credit Risk Analytics

Supply Chian Finance

Productivity Management

Return on Marketing Investment

Financial and Cost Analysis for Decision Making

B. Programs of 6 Months:

 Conducted program for NSE IT Limited on ‘Finance for IT Executives, NITIE Campus (2003).

Conducted program for entry level managers, Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited, 2003, 2006 and 2007 (multiple batches).

C. Two Year Work cum Study Program:

Designed, Developed and Delivered a two-year innovative work-cum study Program for CRISIL Limited popularly known as 'CRISIL Certified Analyst Program (CCAP)'  from June, 2007 to December, 2011.

Director, IMT Hyderabad, (on lein from NITIE from April 2019 to February 2021)

Academic Administration at NITIE: 

Dean (Administration),  2014 to 2015

Chairperson, Library Management Committee,  (2015 to 2019)

Chairperson, Employees Grievance and Welfare Committee, (2017 to 2019)

Nodal officer, GeM, 2017  to 2019

Member, Committee on Investments and Management of Finances, 2013  to 2019

Chairperson, Modified Accelerated Career Advancement and Progression Scheme (MACPS) for Non-teaching staff, 2015  to 2019

Chairperson, Standing Committee on Purchases,  2017  to 2018

Chief Warden,  from 2008 to 2011.

Warden, MDP House, 2002 -2004 and 2006 to 2011

Area Coordinator, Accounting and Finance area, 1999 to 2004 and  2006 to 2015

Member, Publications committee, 2000 to 2004,  2000 -2004

Member, Post Graduate Programs Committee, National Institute of Industrial Engineering, 2000 to 2004, 2006 to 2014

Member Board of Research, National Institute of Industrial Engineering, (NITIE), 2003-2004 and 2006-2008

Institutional Planning:

Member, Committee on “NITIE Perspective Plan 2020”, National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), 2002.

At Other Institutions: 

Member Academic Audit Committee, Department of Commerce, Goa University, Goa, 2013 to 2015.

Member, Board of Studies, National Institute of Securities Market (NISM), 2013 to 2015.8.

Head, Department of Accounting and Finance, College of Banking and Financial Studies, Oman, 2004 to 05.