Hemachandra Padhan


Assistant Professor






Area & Groups
Finance, Economics & Strategy

PDEF- IIT Madras; Ph.D IIT Madras; MA in Applied Economics- Pondichery Central University.


Applied Energy Economics, Environmental Economics, Climate Changes

Macroeconomics; Microeconomics; Strategy of Resources Management

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Post Doc Equivalent Fellowship, IIT Madras

Institute Fellowship, IIT Madras

(CBSE-UGC-NET) National Eligibility Test, 2017

Merit Fellowship for UGC Rank Holder, 2014-2016

As symbiosis school of economics, I am on the following committee

  1. Research Committee
  2. Value Added Course Committee
  3. Symbiosis Centre for Urban Studies (SCUS)
  4. Centre for Quantitative Learning and Applications (CQLA)

At NITIE Mumbai

1. Center for Excellence, 

2. Directorate General Resettlement (DGR) Programmes; Ministry of Defence, New Delhi