Game Theory for Managerial Decision Making

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Game theory is barely a hundred years old. Its rise to prominence in such a short time, with implications for multiple disciplines, from economics and philosophy, to biology and computer science, and for worldly affairs, from war and diplomacy, to corporate strategy, has few parallels. This introductory course is intended for everyone with an interest in logic and strategic reasoning: it encourages students to apply it in everyday life, understand behavior in the corporate world as well as grapple with some open philosophical paradoxes in game theory.

1. Provide a foundation of game theory 2. Explain and use the various solution concepts of game theory

Module 1: Static Form of Game Dominance and Best Response, The First Strategic Tension and the Prisoners? Dilemma Module 2: Pure, Mixed-strategy Nash equilibria and its Application: Definition of Pure and Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibrium Module3: Extensive-form games and Application: Perfect information games: trees, subgame perfect equilibrium, introduction to imperfect-information games, mixed versus behavioral strategies, Advertising and Competition,

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Venue Online
Duration 18 Hrs.
Starts On Sep 05, 2022
Faculty Prof. Mainak Mazumdar

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18 Hrs. 9,000.00 1,620.00 10,620.00 1 23 2 19
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