Management of Intellectual Property for Competitive Advantage

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IP is an invaluable asset which can create a billion-dollar business in no time. In this 21st century, only those organizations will sustain the global competition when they create ?value? on a continuous basis with the changing dynamic business environment. Value creation is something comes from the intellectual thought process which leads to creation of intellectual property. IP management is a function of creation, protection and leveraging of IP.

How to create intangible IP assets (patents, industrial designs, trademarks and copyrights). To get a clarity on protection mechanism of patents, industrial designs, trademarks and copyrights. How to enforce IP protection in case of infringement / copying / misappropriation. How to leverage your IP assets (technology transfer & licensing). Cases will be presented patents, designs, trademarks, copyrights and compulsory licensing.

IP Analytics - research gap/white space analysis (online patent database will be used in explaining the real-time data analysis for identifying white space). IP Creation ? how to create patents, industrial designs, trademarks, copyrights and integrated circuit-layout-designs (various methods in problem solving, ideation, TRIZ, lateral thinking.). IP Protection ? how to protect patents, industrial designs, trademarks, copyrights and integrated circuit-layout-designs (international treaties & conventions which help inventors in gaining advantage of global protection, drafting/documentation, strategies in selecting protection mechanism & territories/geographies). IP Enforcement ? how to stop infringement / copying / misappropriation of IP assets (patents, industrial designs, trademarks, copyrights and integrated circuit-layout-designs). IP Leveraging (IP portfolio management, technology transfer & licensing). Cases will be presented patents, industrial design patents, trademarks, copyright and compulsory licensing. This program uses the patent database and cases to explain how the strategic decisions are made for competitive business advantage with IP analytics. It will help in building strategic partnerships in terms of R&D collaboration, technology development, technology transfer & licensing. This program also helps in protection and enforcement mechanism of all IP assets.

This program is useful to Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, R&D Managers, R&D Institutions, Senior Executives, Inventors, Teachers who are engaged in teaching IP, Heads of Technical Academic Institutions, Researchers and Ph.D. Students.

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Venue Online
Duration 18 Hrs.
Starts On Apr 25, 2022
Faculty Prof. B. Koteswararao Naik

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Duration Professional Fee*(Per participant) GST(18%) Total Fees(Per Participant) Programme Code
18 Hrs. 9,000.00 1,620.00 10,620.00 1 23 1 02
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