Managerial Effectiveness

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Corporate managers working and the results they achieve depends upon the understanding of managerial effectiveness. The Importance of managerial effectiveness day by day increasing due to VUCA world and coupled with given most efficient technological breakthroughs that are available in abundance. Further, it is easy and effective to develop effectiveness with appropriate training interventions .

To enlighten the corporate managers about the concept of effectiveness To help and enable the corporate managers to develop and apply the managerial effectiveness in their day to day managerial decisions

Efficiency - Effectiveness; Differences and Confusions and Clarity, Reasons why effectiveness is missed, Ways and means to incorporate effectiveness in managers working, Effective leadership, Effective communication, Effective decision making

Middle level managers working in private and public sector copanies

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Venue Online
Duration 18 Hrs.
Starts On Nov 07, 2022
Faculty Prof. T. Prasad

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Duration Professional Fee*(Per participant) GST(18%) Total Fees(Per Participant) Programme Code
18 Hrs. 9,000.00 1,620.00 10,620.00 1 23 3 30
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