Network, Crowd, and Market: Decision making in a Connected World with practical examples

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Social networks often determine exchange opportunities for trading goods and for launching creative partnerships. They diffuse political opinions, gossip, ideas and job offers. Sometimes they act as a large collective brain, aggregating information and thoughts wisely, and sometimes not so wisely. It is thus plausible that social networks play a central role in our lives, and in particular in our economic lives.

1. Explain the role of economic and social network in different decision like purchase of products, hiring workers, venturing new market and other management problems. 2. Understanding financial contagions, transmission of risk and other decision making problems in the light of network theory.

The role of network in market decision making : the strength of ties, Homophily, Signed network Understanding Cooperation and Competition in Market. Strategic Network Formation: An economic approach to network formation Network Models of markets with intermediaries, Matching market, Network Effect in Innovation, Tipping and Contagions: Positive externalities, strategic complements, path dependence, diffusion of innovation, and tipping in technology, financial, and product markets. Application: the rise of Microsoft and contagion phenomena. Networks and Markets. Empirical Studies of Bargaining and Trading on Networks, Experiments on Network Transactions, Price Dispersion, Labor Markets.

For all level of managers

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Venue Online
Duration 18 Hrs.
Starts On Nov 14, 2022
Faculty Prof. Mainak Mazumdar

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