Excellence in Virtual Human Communication

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Effective communication is a necessity of any organization. It helps in the satisfaction of personal and professional needs. Unsatisfied needs not only impede an individual?s progress but also dissuade organizational productivity. With VUCA and COVID-2019, communication has become even more challenging, and now virtual human communication has become the new normal. ?Excellence in virtual human Communication? is an endeavour that aims at working on communication challenges. Constant engineering of our training method has enriched the learning experiences of our participants. This program has helped them in strengthening their communication competencies effectively. Therefore, we extend our hands in the ?Excellence in virtual human communication? journey to improve their excellence.

To aid participants in having awareness and applications of possible interventions that's hall help them in: 1. identifying and enabling participants to resolve human communication issues in a virtual setup. 2. dealing with issues of virtual negotiations. 3. making progress in their interpersonal and intrapersonal communication 4. improving written communication

The coverage includes: 1. diagnosis of human communication issues in the virtual context. 2. working on several interventions for improving oral and written communication skills Content Interpersonal Communication, Team Communication, Transactional Analysis Proper, Public Speaking, Written Communication

We welcome participants from all functional areas working at any level of management.

Course Details

Venue Online
Duration 18 Hrs.
Starts On Dec 01, 2022
Faculty Prof. Nikhil K. Mehta

Fees Details

Duration Professional Fee*(Per participant) GST(18%) Total Fees(Per Participant) Programme Code
18 Hrs. 9,000.00 1,620.00 10,620.00 1 23 3 41
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