Macroeconomic Analysis for Managerial Decision Making

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Macroeconomics is the most significant branch of Economics and explains complicated modern economic systems. The managerial decisions of the businesses must be strategically taken considering the macroeconomic environment of the real and the monetary sectors. Understanding the macroeconomic environment requires the ability of the executive team to understand the functioning of an economy, issues, and challenges of uncertainties faced and correctly read and interpret various macroeconomic indicators. The programme is designed to understand the macroeconomic system and assess and forecast business possibilities and opportunities in an uncertain macroeconomic environment.

The Programme is designed to fulfil the following objectives: 1. To discuss the behaviour, challenges, and uncertainties of the economy with the help of macroeconomic indicators and their trends. 2. To discuss and understand the impacts of fiscal and monetary policies on the economy in general and on the business in particular 3. To take business decisions on product, production, pricing, investments, and like based on the macroeconomic environment

Programme Coverage 1. Understanding our economy- circular flows, measuring and analysing GDP growth 2. Fluctuations in macroeconomic aggregates- consumption, savings, investment, prices, unemployment and inflation, business cycles 3. Fiscal and monetary policies of the government- possible impacts on production, investments, controlling financial crisis. 4. Role of the Central Bank in the macroeconomy- the significance of monetary tools 5. Tools and techniques- forecasting business possibilities and opportunities with and without crisis

Government and business professionals of any level

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Venue Online
Duration 30 Hrs.
Starts On Feb 06, 2023
Faculty Prof. Vijaya Gupta

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Duration Professional Fee*(Per participant) GST(18%) Total Fees(Per Participant) Programme Code
30 Hrs. 15,000.00 2,700.00 17,700.00 1 23 4 59
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